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Kitchen Appliances That Will Give You a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy food choices determine your long-term health. The more you choose the right food, the more your brain habituates towards a healthier lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle prevents cardiovascular diseases, keeps your mental health intact, and saves you lots of money. But if your fridge is stocked with cold cuts, leftover KFC, and ice cream, then your journey toward a healthier lifestyle becomes instantly harder. How can we change that? Not by investing in a giant refrigerator so you can stock more food. Believe it or not, you are a few kitchen appliances away from genuinely building a healthy lifestyle in itty-bitty steps every day. 

First up, we got Yogurt Makers. You can find them at your local departmental store for affordable prices and are a smart tweak to eating healthy. Yogurt is by far the best substitute for ice cream as well. 

Let’s look at a calorie breakdown between yogurt and ice cream to make this a more convincing case. Yogurt is 74% carbohydrate to 47% in ice cream; it has only 10% fat than a staggering 46% in a bowl of ice cream. In protein, yogurt gives you 16%, and ice cream only 7%. 

Yogurt contains almost all the essential nutrients and is an excellent source of quick energy. It also helps in digestion, maintaining weight, and takes care of your heart. 

Second on the list are Food Steamers. Steamers are a marvelous invention of technology; they cook you food in a matter of minutes. Instead of cooking your vegetables on the induction, opt for steaming them instead. Yes, there are significant benefits to steamed veggies than cooked ones; here’s a calorie breakdown to show why:

Steamed vegetables come with zero fat, 85% carbohydrate, and 15% protein. Cooked vegetables have 24% fat (what a bummer), 14% protein, and 62% carbohydrate. Cool, right? Now imagine steaming your meat instead of cooking it; you’ll notice considerable changes in your health just by owning a food steamer.

Now, a Juicer is a must-have. We all want a cold glass of lemonade after a hot summer day outdoors. But having to manually make yourself a glass of juice after a tiresome day is too much effort, and just grabbing a can of ice-cold Coke is so much easier. That’s why owning a juicer makes things effortless, and you can make all kinds of juices and smoothies in there (avoid all those high-calorie drinks). 

A calorie breakdown shows us, both a serving of juice and Coke have 100% carbohydrate each, zero percent fat and protein. However, juice comes from fruits that add to healthy nutrition whereas, Coke adds unnecessary calories to burn (all that sugar). 

Last up; we got the George Foreman Grill. It is said to eliminate forty-two percent fat from quarter-pounders that are made from 80/20 ground chuck beef. This means you reduce calories by around a whopping 89% from your burger. A burger that may have weighed initially twenty-three grams would now way only thirteen! We all have our cheat-days and like going big on meaty items; therefore, owning a George Foreman Grill may do you more favors than one. 

Let us conclude by discussing a healthy eating plate, so you know where you stand. Firstly, cook with healthy oils such as canola and olive. Secondly, drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated drinks and drink tea (preferably green tea). Cut down on milk and dairy foods (not more than 1-2 servings a day), and drink a glass of juice every day. 

The four horsemen of a healthy plate must include vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy protein. Eat lots of greens and bring as much variety in them as you can. Do the same for fruits and go for variety in colors. Instead of refined grain foods like white bread and rice, opt for brown rice, whole-wheat bread, and whole-grain pasta. Try your best to limit red meat and processed meat (cold cuts, bacon) as much as possible (they are harmful to your long-term health) and eat nuts and beans, poultry and fish, and avoid cheese and other dairy items as well.  

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