Chantal Cookware Reviews For Your Induction Cooking Needs

It is often a challenge to try and find the best cookware that you can use on an induction stovetop.

Although an induction cooker is a safe choice to use with a convenient design, not all cookware items can respond to the heat produced off of it.

Fortunately, Chantal has various cookware products that you can use for your induction cooking needs.

The choices you have when finding Chantal induction cookware include choices that work for all your cooking demands. You can find many Chantal cookware sets or individual pieces.

Whatever it is you find, you will discover that there are many choices featuring various build materials and functions. The assortment of products you will come across will impress even the most seasoned chef.

Your need may not be the same as others so that’s why we broke this Chantal cookware review into several cookware types. Who knows, you may find your perfect cookware set by the end of this article.

By keeping in mind your affection for a specific cookware brand, We reviewed other brand cookware like T-fal, Circulon, Calphalon. You may look at this if you have a particular brand cookware in mind.

Our Top Pick For Best Chantal Cookware (Editorial Choice)

Chantal Enamel-On-Steel 4-Quart Soup Pot with...
61 Reviews
Chantal Enamel-On-Steel 4-Quart Soup Pot with...
  • Chantal uses high-fired “AA” enamel that has the highest resistance to acidity, and has greater depth of color Made in Germany-Stovetop to table, and...
  • Enamel is stick resistant and contains NO chemicals such as PTFE or PFOA
  • Heavy-gauge carbon steel core will heat quickly and promote even heating
  • Perfect for use on ALL cooktops, including magnetic induction-Dishwasher Safe

Chantal Induction 21 Steel 9 Piece Cookware Set
48 Reviews
Chantal Induction 21 Steel 9 Piece Cookware Set
  • 9 PC COOKWARE SET: Chantal's premium Stainless Steel Cookware combines beauty with first-rate cooking performance. Tempered-glass lids let you see what's...
  • UNIQUE JAPANESE STEEL: Made from a unique Japanese Steel, copper is melted directly into the steel, resulting in cookware that effortlessly conducts heat...
  • NICKEL FREE / MAGNETIC INDUCTION COMPATIBLE: To ensure healthy cooking, the steel is nickel free preventing allergic reactions to nickel. This is the best...
  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Stainless Steel pan is oven and broiler safe to sear; braise or deglaze; Dishwasher Safe; Limited Lifetime Warranty

Chantal Cookware Review

1. Chantal SLIN-9 Induction 21 Steel 9-Piece Set

The Induction 21 line of stainless steel cookware products from Chantal provides great surfaces for use on an induction cooktop.

Chantal SLIN-9 Induction 21 Steel 9-Piece SetMany Chantal Induction 21 cookware reviews will show you a nice body, but one point to note is that this model works thanks to a 21/0 Japanese stainless steel body that features a high gauge without adding lots of weight.

Copper is also melted into the steel to allow heat to move along each piece in the set. You can sear or braise foods on each piece. The stainless steel body will not change the quality of any foods, nor will the flavors of those foods be impacted.

The set comes with two saucepans with glass lids, a 5-quart sauteuse with a lid, an 8-quart stockpot with a lid, and a 10-inch frying pan. Each piece has ergonomic handles that are easy to grip with either hand. Gentle curves function on each handle for your convenience.


  • Each piece is dishwasher safe
  • The nickel-free body on each piece
  • The clear lids allow you to see how everything is cooking
  • Hard to use with metal utensils
  • Keep in the middle of an induction cooker for the best result


2. Chantal 9-Piece Copper Fusion Cookware Set

This next choice for a Chantal cookware set is a ceramic set available in red and black colors. The nonstick surface contains no dangerous chemicals or additives, including PFOA and PTFE.

Chantal 9-Piece Copper Fusion Cookware SetThe surface will stay intact for years and will not chip or scratch, even as you use metal instruments for your cooking needs.

The set includes a 10-inch frying pan, two saucepans with lids, a four-quart risotto pan with a lid, and an 8-quart stock pot with a lid. Each piece comes with a matching body.


  • No metal transfers between foods as you are cooking
  • Safe for not only induction cooktops but also flame-based tops
  • Each lid comes with a clear glass design
  • Takes a while to heat up at the highest temperature settings
  • The pieces are heavy

Chantal Enamel Cookware Reviews

1. Chantal Copper Fusion 1-Quart Reduction Pan

Chantal Copper Fusion 1-Quart Reduction PanTo start, you can find many products that feature copper bodies. This first choice among Chantal enamel cookware pieces is this reduction pan with lid.

The natural enamel surface produces a stick-resistant surface that does not contain PFOA, PTFE, or other chemicals often found in nonstick cookware products.

The enamel surface does not contain any nickel compounds, thus making it safe for those with allergies.



  • You can use metal utensils with this pan
  • Can be washed in a dishwasher
  • Can be secured in a freezer or refrigerator after being used on an induction cooktop
  • You might need some oil on the bottom
  • The enamel can chip if you are not careful



2. Chantal Enamel-on-Steel 4-Quart Soup Pot

Chantal Enamel-on-Steel 4-Quart Soup PotThis pot, which is available with a red or blue color, comes with a tempered glass lid that fits snugly on top. A carbon steel core on the bottom part works well with an induction cooktop.

The enamel surface responds well to sudden changes in temperature. It can move from an induction cooktop to a freezer in moments.

You can also place it on a table after cooking, although a pot holder should be used at the bottom part if needed.

  • Easy to clean off in a dishwasher
  • You can use this for baking, roasting, or broiling
  • The handles on the sides might be hot
  • The lid does not feature a vent

Chantal Ceramic Cookware Reviews

1. Chantal SLIN34-240C Induction 21 Steel Ceramic Coated Saute Skillet

Chantal SLIN34-240C Induction 21 Steel Ceramic Coated Saute SkilletEnamel products from Chantal are also useful; this first skillet product is a good choice to have for such a need.

This saute skillet features a naturally nonstick surface with no PTFE and PFOA materials. A copper material is melted into the steel to improve upon how well the skillet conducts heat.

Titanium is also included to enhance the body of the skillet so it does not fatigue quickly.

This Chantal ceramic cookware product also features a glass tempered lid. The lid comes with a handle attached to the body that does not become as hot as you use it.

  • The glass lid is easy to look through for your cooking needs
  • Oven safe at up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit; the lid can handle temperatures of 375 degrees
  • The coating stays intact for years
  • Can only be washed by hand
  • The ceramic material is very heavy

2. Chantal 93-PD23 CB 9-Inch Pie Dish

Chantal 93-PD23 CB 9-Inch Pie DishAvailable in many colors, the 9-inch pie dish is suitable for baking purposes.

The Chantal ceramic cookware dish is made with a sturdy stoneware body that can work well on many surfaces.

While it does well on induction cooktops, this works even better inside an oven. The dish allows you to also serve foods directly from the surface after you are finished baking things out of it.

  • The sturdy body is nonstick without any chemical additives included
  • The hand-sanded body offers a firm design
  • The one-quart capacity provides enough room for most baking needs
  • Works on induction tops, but not as useful as other pieces on those tops
  • Has a bulky body

Chantal Stainless Steel Cookware Reviews

1. Chantal SLIN35-162C 2-Quart Saucepan

Chantal SLIN35-162C 2-Quart SaucepanYou can also get a saucepan for when you need to prepare soups or sauces.

The secure bonding and rivets along the handle fit well on the base while ensuring the grip itself does not become overly hot.

Copper is melted directly into the stainless steel. The copper allows heat to move around well and produce fewer cool spots on anything you cook.


  • Promotes an even cooking space
  • The nonstick ceramic surface is safe for use
  • Can only be washed by hand
  • Does not handle metal utensils well


2. Chantal SLIN63-24 Induction 10-Inch Steel Fry Pan

Chantal SLIN63-24 Induction 10-Inch Steel Fry PanAnother option to find in Chantal stainless steel cookware reviews is this frying pan model that features securely riveted bolts on the handle to keep it separate from the main body of the piece.

The distinct design ensures the heat will not transfer from the pan to the handle, thus saving you from getting burned.

The sides offer a slight slope while the bottom is flat. The nickel-free body also produces a comfortable surface that is naturally smooth without triggering anyone’s allergies.

  • The handle offers an ergonomic design
  • Can be used for braising and deglazing
  • Cannot work with metal utensils
  • Tough to use in a broiler
 Induction Cooking

Buying Guide

What Surface Works Best?

You have many options to consider when finding a surface for your Chantal cookware set or individual piece:

1. Stainless steel

A stainless steel design offers a light texture while conducting heat well. You should avoid using metal utensils inside its body though.

2. Enamel

An enamel material will come with a naturally smooth surface that takes in heat fast. The surface can handle sudden temperature changes too, including changes from an oven to a freezer.

3. Ceramic

Ceramic materials are perfect for baking needs, although they can work on induction tops too. A ceramic surface will naturally feature a nonstick body, but you should watch for how you carry an item so it does not chip.

Handling the Piece

Each cookware piece you order should be easy to handle. You can find units that feature handles that are grooved and relaxed while also being connected to the main base of the piece through sturdy rivets. The point here is to keep the piece separate enough to where the heat generated by the cooktop will not move onto the handle.

One Piece or Many?

You have the option to order individual Chantal cookware pieces or one large set. You should review your cooking demands to determine if you should use a set or just one item. Think about what you would use the most when finding something of value.

Test With Magnets

A good idea for checking to see how well a cookware piece can handle an induction top is to bring a magnet with you and affix it to the outside bottom part of the cookware item. The piece will work on an induction surface if the magnet can affix itself to the bottom without slipping off.

A Final Word

All of the options you come across when looking at Chantal cookware reviews are choices that will fit in well with all your cooking needs in mind.

You can find many appealing products in many forms, including in stainless steel, enamel, and ceramic styles. Whether you need a set or a single piece, you can find something attractive from Chantal that fits all your cooking demands.

Be sure you find a sensible choice that is easy to plan while being convenient for all your cooking requirements.

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