Best Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Space

The kitchen is one place with tons of handy equipment that fits anywhere. Unfortunately, on the counter, your refrigerator, the sink, and even on the floor, these pieces of utensils can make the kitchen untidy without trying. An untidy or disorganized kitchen is a complete turnoff for many of us, even if it isn’t exactly dirty. Thus, we’ve gathered some easy and useful kitchen organizing ideas, giving it an attractive appearance.

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10 Easy and Useful Kitchen Organizing Tips

  • Reduce the Load in Your Fridge

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Check your fridge; chances are there are some expired products or wilted produce and leafy greens in it. Always do a daily inspection of your fridge to clear these things out and put them in clear bins. You can use clear bins to organize and put together similar items and label the containers with a marker or sticker. This tip is one of the best kitchen organization ideas for small fridges because it creates more space.

  • Hang Equipment

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Rather than place small pieces of kitchen equipment on the counter, you can hang them on the wall instead. This leaves room for other bigger kitchen appliances and equipment you can’t hang and gives your kitchen a tidier appearance. This practice is especially useful if you have a small kitchen; it’ll make it look bigger.

  • Use Cabinet Racks

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Another easy way to tidy up your kitchen and increase your cabinet space is by installing wine cabinet racks. These are very useful in storing plates and cups as you can also use them as shelves. Cabinet wire racks come in different styles, widths, and heights, so you might want to measure your space before shopping.

  • Keep Beverage Supplies Organized

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Organizing your beverage supplies keeps your kitchen neat if you drink tea or coffee. However, it also keeps you from looking fruitlessly for them, particularly when you’re looking for a certain flavor. Neatly arrange your coffee pods in clear plastic for easy visibility, and then stack them on each other. 

  • Relocate Your Knives

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If you use a traditional knife block, you might want to ditch it to achieve that kitchen look you’re looking for. Knife blocks take up too much space, making your counter look too crowded. One of the best organizing tips for this is to relocate your knives to a utensil drawer or on the wall.

  • A Kid-Friendly Cabinet

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A good way to ensure your kids leave your kitchen tidy is by installing a kitchen-friendly cabinet. Allocate a spot in a lower cabinet for plastic cups, stackable food containers, and lunchboxes for easy access later on. Then, when your children return from school, they know where to stash their lunch supplies.

  • Use Clear Containers

kitchen pantry storage ideas

See-through containers are underrated pieces of storage equipment; they can make storage easier for you. For example, after grouping all your pantry essentials, put them in clear storage containers like transparent baskets. This way, you won’t have much difficulty looking for where you stored what, and your kitchen will be much cleaner.

  • Stow Large Kitchen Tools

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Appliances typically take up the largest space in the kitchen, which can make the space look too cramped. Thankfully, you can store appliances in deep drawers rather than on the counter, arranging them vertically for enough space. If you don’t have deep kitchen drawers, dissemble tall appliances, like your blender, they’ll fit neatly in smaller spaces this way.

  • Home Your Recipes

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Paper recipes take up unnecessary kitchen space, but you don’t have to throw them out; find them a home. You can use a three-ring binder for full-sheet recipes or a compact photo album for index cards. A cool tip on how to organize kitchen cabinets is finding a home for your recipes.

  •  Grid Panels Come in Handy

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There’s always an awkward space in the house, and the kitchen is not excluded; for example, the space behind your stove. You can use that space by constructing a grid panel with caddies and hooks to hang up your scissors and measuring spoons.

Organizing the kitchen can be frustrating because things scatter again soon after you’ve organized them. However, these tips can present a lasting option for keeping your kitchen tidy – unless someone deliberately chooses to be untidy. By learning how to organize kitchen, you’ll ensure your cooking space is always left clean.