Best in the Biz: Calphalon Dutch Ovens!

Need to braise some chicken? Get a dutch oven.

Family coming over in a hurry and you don’t know what to cook? Bake a refined pork stew with potatoes in a dutch oven. Ran out of storage for onions and garlic in your pantry?

Stash them temporarily in a dutch oven. Don’t have one yet? Add it to your shopping list immediately. But which dutch oven should you get and why should it be from Calphalon? Allow us to elaborate.

Find the best Calphalon dutch oven review

Calphalon has long been in the cookware game and has garnered quite a reputation alongside fierce rivals All-Clad.

They produce some of the best stainless steel cookware sets at a relatively cheaper price than All-Clad, while also being top-notch in making some of the best hard-anodized pots and pans out there.

Today we bring you an optimized Calphalon dutch oven review featuring some of their bests in the market right now!

Best Calphalon Dutch Oven


1. Calphalon Classic Nonstick Dutch Oven Market Leader!

What do Experts say about the Calphalon Classic Nonstick Dutch Oven?

“The best part of this set is the lid. Both sides of the lid have strainer-style holes that allow you to drain water off pasta through the lid and out the pour spout built into the dutch oven. This has simplified cooking (and cleaning) for me because I no longer have to dirty up a strainer.” – Cookware expert customer Cat Davis

 When you’re looking for the perfect dutch oven to cater to your kitchen needs, the Calphalon Classic Nonstick Dutch Oven in a robust grey tint is an ideal choice. It offers rigid construction, smart features that aid your cooking experience, and a big enough size to fit a whole chicken!

Body & Interior

  • Built with their popular hard-anodized aluminum, this model is probably their toughest.
  • The dual-layered nonstick interior and the exterior are both made from pure hard-anodized aluminum. You can imagine all the heavy-duty it can take on. The build is what makes it corrosion-resistant and prevents peeling.
  • When cooking slow-cooked meals, it is essential to have a container that can take the heat and diversity of temperature changes. The two-layer nonstick provides exceptional food release and the hard-anodized aluminum accommodates an even distribution of heat.


Calphalon 1932451 Classic Nonstick Dutch Oven

Ergonomic Effectiveness

The Calphalon Dutch oven looks robust and ready to take on brave challenges and understandably so.

  • Wide rimmed metallic handles provide a sureshot grasp and easy maneuverability when moving around.
  • The pot comes with a strainer lid and a pour spout to accommodate comfortable draining of liquids and keeping the necessary steam and moisture inside.
  • Last but not the least, the aid of the measuring mark for added convenience in filling the oven with adequate amounts of liquid without the need for a measuring cup.


  • Low price tag.
  • Extreme durability.
  • Superior construction; superior heat management.


  • Incompatible with induction cookers.
  • Only available in grey.
  • Base prone to warping over time.

Penny for Thoughts 

This particular Calphalon dutch oven is highly popular among varied customers because it is the best overall. It provides durability, versatility, and cutting-edge heat distribution & cooking. For its meager price tag and longevity, this is a steal on anyone’s shopping list.


2. Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Dutch OvenStainless Steel Supremacy!

In a slightly smaller size, the Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Dutch Oven is perhaps their best stainless steel cookware line. Moreover, this is the go-to option for quality interior surfaces when you’re hesitant about nonstick models.

Smart Construction

  • A chef’s favorite look comes with brushed stainless steel and an ingenious impact-bonded aluminum base.
  • The aluminum base sits perfectly on any stovetop including induction and combines with the machismo of stainless steel with its superiority in heat transfer and containment. Those meat stews will never taste the same!

Calphalon Classic Stainless Steel Cookware, Dutch Oven

Time-saving Ergonomics

 When cooking full course meals for parties and family dinners, especially in large batches, it is necessary to save crucial time and keep the food tasting just right. This model is brilliant at achieving just that.

  • Firstly, the fill lines help you supervise the amount of liquid contents (you don’t want the meat to be watered down), while pour spouts ensure their proper draining. But for bonus, you got straining holes.
  • Second up, it has ergonomic dual-riveted handles that divide weight evenly when carrying a heavy pot full of gravy and meat around.
  • Lastly, for those finger-licking-good stews and salivating gravies, the lids are dome-shaped so they self-baste continuously all along.


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Adequate for small family gatherings.
  • Compatible on all stovetops including induction.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Relatively cheap.


  • Other smaller models have greater depth.
  • Stainless steel prone to rust.

Penny For Thoughts

You will really enjoy cooking savory soups and casserole dishes in this dutch oven. The stainless steel construction and aluminum base are pretty much all you can ask for when cooking meals for two or more. You get convenience, comfort, and perfectly cooked meals every time.


3. Calphalon Contemporary Dutch OvenBig Dutch Oven for Big Meals!

At 8 & a ½ quart, it is Calphalon’s biggest dutch oven. You will not be disappointed with this one, for its large party-hosting capabilities and top-of-the-line exterior and interior build topped with a classy aesthetic appeal. Let’s get on with it!

Big Boy Build & Sleek Decor 

  • Dressed in a subtle black hue, what may come off as coating is actually the exterior body itself. It has that robust tough-nut outlook because of the hard-anodizing process. This assures longevity preventing scratches and corrosion while being a satisfying monetary investment.
  • Moreover, the interior surface comes with a triple-layer nonstick coating (read that again) that is exceptionally well at food release and movements. A nonstick surface promotes healthy cooking as it requires little to no oil use and low-fat cooking.

Calphalon Contemporary Hard-Anodized Aluminum Nonstick Cookware, Dutch Oven

Convenience & Comfort

  • The stainless steel handles are long and brushed to prevent heating up. You can feel confident when lifting the pot from your stovetop while enjoying comfortable cleanups every time.
  • You can also cook in the oven under high temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and its lids are just as heat-resistant as well.


  • Made for cooking large food batches.
  • Exceptional construction, longer lifespan.
  • Value for money.


  • Not enough depth for 8 liters.
  • Complaints of it being too ‘lightweight’ for heavy-duty meals.

Penny For Thoughts

Its incredible size and quality construction are highly rated among customers. You will love mixing soups, cooking hearty casserole dishes, mushroom pot pies, etc.

Moreover, it is extremely comfortable for regular use, from being easy to clean up to cooking in the oven, it fulfills all your batch cooking requirements in a dash.


4. Calphalon Simply Easy System Dutch Oven Bang for your buck! 

Calphalon is a top brand for many reasons; one of them being their extensive collection of various cookware types. This here is their top-of-the-line dutch oven at the most affordable price range.

The Calphalon Simply Easy System Nonstick Dutch Oven has gone through a tad bit of inventiveness in its making to give customers the best of both worlds in terms of cutting edge quality and economy.

Durability and Convenience 

  • This Calphalon dutch oven is a work of genuine craftsmanship. Built from a single disc of raw, medium-gauge aluminum, it goes through precious hard-anodizing. For this simple reason the model is 80% harder than stainless steel.
  • Hence you can use it on any stovetop or cook in an oven as it is oven-safe up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooking in this pot will give you the true feeling of gourmet cookware.
  • Its nonstick is a triple-layer PFOE-free coating that gives you maximum cooking performance. Two layers dedicated to durability while the third offers effortless food release. You get the convenience of an easy clean-up, health-conscious cooking with low fat and minimal oil, and overall a fun gourmet experience in every meal.

Calphalon Simply Easy System Nonstick Dutch Oven

Features that Encourage the Chef in you 

Cooking experimental recipes, the next best family dinner, or soulful meat gravy will never be this enthralling.

  • The Simply Easy Dutch Oven from Calphalon has a minimalistic and robust decor fit for any modern kitchen. It won’t corrode, nor will it chip; you can cook with confidence for years to come.
  • If you’re cooking a hot pot of African Jollof rice and chicken and require maximum maneuverability, its riveted and ergonomically built handles will provide that.
  • While at it, the silicone rims around a glass lid will hold in precious moisture and ensure flavorful tastes.
  • Lastly, the pour spouts and drainage system will give precise control over food contents and conveniently allow you to drain sauces and excessive water midway.


  • 4-liter capacity best for average-sized families.
  • Silicone rims provide a solid seal.
  • Fill marks for accurate measurement.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Silicone-wrapped handle has design flaw causing them to heat up rather easily.
  • Might not be large enough for every occasion.

Penny For Thoughts

Calphalon gives you options and more. Whether you want the best dutch oven for all purposes, the one with the spectacular design, or simply the best budget dutch oven, they’ve got you covered.

This model is not only economical but will last you for a year or two easily while coming with almost similar features relative to other expensive models. If not they also provide a lifetime warranty to-go.


5. Calphalon Signature Dutch Oven Searing Specialist!

 What do Experts say about the Calphalon Signature Hard-Anodized Nonstick series?

 Chef Michael Symon has been using Calphalon cookware personally for twenty years and in his restaurants for fifteen years. He loves their hard-anodized pans for making his special sauces because they are much more flavorful that way. He thanks their construction, the easy release nonstick for that. 

We’ve looked at various choices and factors behind making those choices. But if your choice is determined by a specific need, like searing, then this is the ultimate searing dutch oven from Calphalon.

The Signature Hard-Anodized Searing Nonstick Dutch Oven at 5-quart will give you nonchalance and longevity.

What Helps it Sear Perfectly 

  • It is constructed with a three-layer searing nonstick coating that offers exceptional food release and flexibility. You will enjoy greater flexibility when cooking juicy tender lamb chops and require basting the lamb with flavorful gravy.
  • Its high-heat tolerance of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit will ensure crisp browning of your steak or finely cut beef portions.
  • Not to mention, it is compatible on all cooktops including induction and halogen.
  • The hard-anodized body makes sure you can cook for long periods with constant temperatures while preventing any damage to the body.

Calphalon 1948252 Signature Hard Anodized Nonstick Covered Dutch Oven

Additional Features for Additional Delight 

  • Looped stainless steel handles divide weight comfortably and equally so carrying around the dutch oven from stovetop to tables will be a piece of cake.
  • Moreover, its heavy-gauge aluminum construction allows you to wash in dishwashers.


  • Comfortable to clean.
  • Oven and broiler-safe.
  • Searing Nonstick coating provides superior food release and heat control.


  • Lid has a design flaw that prevents proper sealing.
  • Base doesn’t sit properly on cooktops causing unnecessary movement.

Penny For Thoughts 

The Calphalon Signature Hard-Anodized Searing Nonstick Dutch Oven has strong construction and a superior nonstick.

These are its standout features and if you frequently cook foods that need searing, this is the choice to make. Family dinners will light up a level more with finely seared meat from now on.

Best Calphalon Dutch Oven Alternatives


1 French-made Dutch Oven from Staub

 Staub is one of the most reputable French cookware brands in the market today. They make some of the best enameled cast iron dutch ovens and experts say cast iron dutch ovens are the best among dutch ovens.


Staub Dutch Oven

Staub offers twelve different sizes of dutch ovens so you have a lot of flexibility when shopping, just like Calphalon does. Moreover, they are greatly compatible with most cooktops including induction, halogen, etc. They also offer high oven-safe temperatures that go up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit and lids that go up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

With Staub, you get quality, superior construction with heavy lids, and beautiful design. However, they are much more expensive than most Calphalon dutch ovens.


Our Recommendation: Staub 7-qt. Round Dutch Oven


#2 Popular consumer brand Caraway’s Dutch Ovens

Caraway has garnered popularity and customer satisfaction in recent times for their sleek aesthetic appeal and nontoxic ceramic cookware. Their nonstick is one of the best out there and truly makes you feel the difference when cooking in their dutch ovens.

Caraway Dutch Oven

In terms of construction, they offer a combination of nontoxic ceramic surfaces, an aluminum core, and catchy stainless steel handles. They are oven-safe depending on which model you get, and are easy to clean. Their price is relatively affordable.


Our Recommendation: Caraway Ceramic Dutch Oven Pot


Dutch Ovens & Stockpots: Are they the same or?


 Stockpots are generally made from stainless steel, copper, aluminum, etc. Therefore, they can be made from thinner or thicker materials, be lighter or heavier. Whereas, dutch ovens are usually made from cast iron and are generally thicker and heavier.

Dutch ovens are specifically made for slow-cooking meals and are shorter and wider vessels.  Another key difference in a dutch oven is that its lids have to be thick and heavy enough to resist high temperatures.

When it comes to cooking, stockpots are generally used for boiling ramen noodles, stock, or large pieces of vegetable and meat with gravy. Dutch ovens are better at cooking thick stews, searing or braising meat, baking pot pies, etc.



  • Calphalon Signature or Premier?

Both lines are high quality. They both offer stainless steel, hard-anodized aluminum, and nonstick choices. Both are dishwasher-safe, however, when it comes to dutch ovens the Signature line is better for its higher heat resistance exceeding 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


  • Where are Calphalon cookware made?

They are generally made in Toledo, Ohio. However, many of their materials are sourced from various Asian countries and Germany. It has manufacturing plants in China.


  • Are Calphalon glass lids oven-safe?

They are oven-safe but up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Moreover, their Simply and Select ranges offer silicone-wrapped glass lids that are oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit only.


Final Thoughts

Calphalon Dutch Ovens are one of the best you’ll find. They offer you variety in choice, superior construction, affordability, and come packed with smart features.

You will find dutch ovens made of various materials in different sizes and at varying price ranges.

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