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Think of cookware made just for you. A cookware collection crafted from head to toe, nuts, and bolts to the entirety of a pan or pot made with family in mind; Ecolution is the name in the game you’re looking for. An Epoca Inc. cookware brand, that has garnered reputation and faith from families across the globe because of their safety-centric, green production and craftsmanship, innovates what it means to be the most in-tune cookware today.  

Their approach to the kitchen business is like a family; with real test kitchens where their employees test and try their cookware ensures faith in their brand and promotes their message of safe commitment. We want cookware that gives us more for less; cookware that is easy to cook in and easy to clean – but we don’t want cause for concern regarding health and their safety. Ecolution takes a greener approach in the kitchen and makes cooking a worthwhile experience for customers all around.

At a Glance

Editors Rating

cuisinart hard anodized cookware set

Overall Rating-4.8/5

Modular construction at its pinnacle, providing you with the best value for your money. The shiny appearance of all products lasts for a long time.

  • Non-caustic coated surface

  • Exceptional flexible quality

  • Retain the silicone grip cooler

Heat distribution4.8/5


Value of Money - 4.8/5

Product Quality - 4.8/5

Durability - 4.9/5

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Ecolution Bliss Ceramic Cookware With Nonstick InteriorThe Best Cookware Even After Cooking’s Done!

Bringing convenience to the kitchen, the Ecolution Bliss collection is one to look at and great to work with. An eye-candy in red, it comes with an extravagant and shiny body; but it is just as tough with its heavy-duty aluminum construction. 

ecolution bliss cookware reviews

Usually, we worry whether the newness will last; the Ecolution Bliss Ceramic cookware set is built from Hydro Ceramic that guarantees just that. Hydro Ceramic, a water-based nonstick ceramic layer of coating that makes this collection of pots and pans unique from the competition, keeps the glossy look safe and sound in the long run. But Ecolution offers so much more than enough; the premium Hydro Ceramic nonstick coating provides superior food release and easy cleanup (hence use lesser oil and opt for healthier cooking) while being the best at sauteing, braising, frying your favorite foods. 

Their cookware set comes with smart and ergonomic silicone riveted handles that are safe from heating up and comfortable in grip. Moreover, the stainless steel induction base gives superior heat distribution and food is evenly cooked every time. This cookware set is purposeful in its numerous functions and versatile in itself; the premium Hydro Ceramic nonstick coating ensures easier cleanup as food never sticks, gives evenly cooked food, and retains its overall look over time. A one in all collection that you won’t have to think twice about.  

Why say yes?
  • Exclusive hydro ceramic nonstick coating lets you use lesser oil and butter; promotes healthier cooking
  • Versatile cookware set that lets you cook pasta for one, a family-sized chicken dinner, and bake as well
  • Supports all stovetops including induction
  • Recycled material used for packaging
Why say no?
  • Problematic with induction stovetops
  • Flawed handle-to-body dimensional design
  • Poor in high heat performance

A Final Word

This Ecolution Ceramic Cookware set is a safe and healthy option to purchase. For its Hydro Ceramic build, free of PFOA and PTFE chemicals, lesser need for oil and butter, this might do the deal for many health-concerned customers. 

Ecolution Artistry Nonstick Cookware SetGreen And Good Looking!

You’ve heard of Teflon, the brand name for the chemical polytetrafluoroethylene (known as PTFE) made by DuPont; it is used to form the nonstick coating on various pots and pans. But there has been cause for concern regarding its health consequences and safety. Ecolution, the green choice for cooking the best food, brings you Hydrolon; a water-based solvent that they use for the nonstick coating. It is effective in food release and makes cleaning easier, requires lesser oil, and gives you an overall healthier choice. 

is ecolution cookware safe Ecolution Artistry Nonstick cookware set is smart in its operations; the silicone handles are built to stay cool and also have a comfortable hold, their heavy-duty aluminum build ensures durability, and the spiraled base on each pot and pan gives the best heat distribution and evenly cooked food.

Why say yes?
  • The Ecolution Artistry Nonstick Cookware set is environmentally friendly and safe for long-term use. They give you optimum performance and cooks healthier food; it’s the small choices we make in the kitchen every day that amount to sustainable results.
  • Tempered glass lids with vents that allow you to supervise food and lock in moisture and flavor while releasing excessive heat
  • Packaged with recycled materials 
Why say no?
  • Complaints of peeling after repeated use
  • Can be damaged in high heat 

A Final Word

Great cookware set for its wide range of cooking options; it gives you practicality in the kitchen whether you want to cook chicken dinners, beef stews, pasta, or rice meals, they’ve got you covered. Their spiraled base system accomplishes superior even heat distribution each time. 

Ecolution Symphony Multipurpose Cookware SetTough And Sturdy Cookware

The Ecolution Symphony set of pots and pans is the ideal cookware set for the boss in you. Built from heavy-molded aluminum, it provides supreme heat conduction and retention. A stainless steel base promotes durability and supports all stovetops including induction. The water-based nonstick allows great frying, sauteing, braising, and browning conveniences. And as always, thanks to its ecological nonstick coating, cleanup is time-saving. This is a great stockpot that is both heavy-duty and long-lasting.    

ecolution pans oven safe

Why say yes?
  • The heavy-duty cookware set is scratch and abrasion-resistant.
  • Value for money
  • Free from chemicals like PFOA, PTFE, cadmium, etc.
Why say no?
  • Complaints of their handles being loose
  • The base of the pots and pans has a design flaw that may damage induction stovetops

A Final Word

This is a great cookware set for long-term use. It’s made to meet all your kitchen needs; breakfast, lunch, dinner, and parties. An ecological cookware set that meets your requirements while fulfilling the need for a sustainable environment.  

Ecolution Multipurpose Forged StockpotThe Big Pot For Big Gatherings!

Invite your family and friends for Christmas or a New Year’s Eve party this year and cook the best party meals. The Ecolution Multipurpose Forged Stockpot is a large-sized, deep stockpot great for cooking family meals and cooking various kinds of food. 

ecolution cookware setIt gives great functionality and versatility in everyday kitchen situations. Whether you want to boil some soup, cook some pasta, or sear meat with a gravy base over long periods – this stockpot gives a quality performance with it all. This stockpot too has a Hydrolon nonstick coating that gives flawless food release and cleaning convenience (they are dishwasher-safe)  too. Their tempered glass lids always come with vents so you can supervise the cooking and ensure there are no burns but also know the flavors are circulating well in there.   

Why say yes?
  • PFOA, PTFE chemicals free
  • 8-quart size allows you to cook slow-cooked meals and family-sized meals on the go
  • Riveted handles balance the weight for easier management from stovetop to oven to table
  • Bang for your buck
Why say no?
  • Complaints of loose handle
  • Complaints of being damaged after shipping


A Final Word

Given this is an 8-quart deep stockpot, the premium nonstick coating allows you to use lesser oil and performs brilliantly in low heat; this is essential for stockpots as they are usually used for slow-cooked big meals therefore even heat distribution and healthy cooking is a major plus point.

Ecolution vs GreenPan –  What To Consider?

Both Ecolution and GreenPan are leading brands in ecological cookware. They both use their own green nonstick coating free of toxic chemicals like PFOA and PTFE. Ecolution uses a water-based solvent called Hydrolon, while GreenPan uses Thermolon. The nonstick coating is key to any greener option as customers want safer cookware for both their kitchens and the environment. But it also depends on durability and performance; which is better?

Both GreenPan and Ecolution pots and pans have stay-cool ergonomic riveted handles. GreenPan features stainless steel handles whereas Ecolution features silicone handles. GreenPan has high heat resistance, but there have been complaints regarding Ecolution pans concerning their performance in high heat. 

Both GreenPan and Ecolution prioritize versatility and fluidity in cooking. Their cookware sets ensure you can cook various kinds of food items all in one package. Ecolution cookware is packaged with 70% recycled materials, whereas GreenPan cookware is made using 60% reduced CO2 emissions. 

They both boast cooking using lesser oil or butter and sometimes without any oil at all. However, especially when used in the long run, not using oil has proven to be damaging to the nonstick coating; it starts to wear off much quickly over time. Both their green substitutes for nonstick coating offer effortless food release and cleanup has never been easier with other cookware sets.

Ecolution is known for its durability and value for money. GreenPan is slightly more expensive but both provide great quality and performance and lead the ecological cookware market. If you’re looking to be smart regarding your choice, buy a cookware piece or two from both brands and try them out for a couple of months yourself.


What is Hydrolon? 

Hydrolon is the green choice for your nonstick needs. It is a multi-layered nonstick coating that is a water-based solvent. It does not contain PTFE or PFOA or cadmium or any such potentially-harmful chemicals. The issue with PFOA and such chemicals is, they fulfill the essential nonstick properties of the coating but burn over time in the heat and release toxic fumes; sometimes the coating chips off and mixes in with your food and can seriously impact your health. But, Hydrolon is water-based and as a result, the heat evaporates the water this time around and ensures safety and healthy cooking. Moreover, it is great at food release and so is much easy to clean than PFOA-based nonstick cookware. 

Where is Ecolution based?

They are an Epoca Inc. cookware brand and American; their headquarters are based in West Malling, Kent. 

Should I add oil for scrambling my eggs?

If you are scrambling eggs no oil or butter is required. However, if you are frying your eggs than an optimal level of oil is required. 

They don’t work on my induction stovetop, any solution?

Try fooling your induction stovetop. Use separate cookware that supports induction and place it on the induction for a while till it starts functioning. Replace the cookware with your Ecolution piece right away and you should be good to go. 

The Final Word

Ecolution cookware sets are the new generation choice for the environmentally concerned customer. Global warming being more relevant than ever, customers are more ecologically-aware and responsible in their consumption. Ecolution is a brand that provides great durability and performance while contributing to a greener environment with every purchase. They give great value for money so there’s not much to not like.

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