Packing Your Kitchen And Fragile Items

Moving is a great step in life. You may be planning to move to your new home, upgrade to a bigger apartment, or relocate due to a new job. Hence, it is an exciting process to move. 

However, packing your kitchen and other fragile items might be stressful. This is because you might not have the skills and experience to pack your delicate items. Even if you engage with NYC movers, you may be worried whether the delicate items will arrive in the new home in one piece. 

When planning to pack for a move, it is important to be prepared. You need to get the right packing materials, engage the right personnel, and set time to pack your belongings properly. 

To help you pack your kitchen and fragile items the right way, here are a few tips you need to take. 

Six Tips on How to Pack Kitchenware and Other Fragile Items

How to Pack a Kitchen Like a Pro

Sort Your Kitchen Items

The first step is to go through your kitchen items. Go through the kitchen cabinets to determine what you need to keep and do away with. When moving, this is a good time to audit your kitchenware. 

Hence, sort them to determine what to sell, donate, and move to the new home. You can organize a garage sale for kitchen items in good condition or sell them online. Selling them will help you raise money for moving. 

You can also decide to donate some items to friends, family, schools, or non-profit organizations. This will save you the stress of packing and moving items you do not need in the new home. 

Pack your delicate items separately

The first tip is to ensure you pack your fragile items separately. Do not pack them with other items. Packing your china cups in a box with your metal knives invites a disaster. 

So, to prevent a disaster, you need to be well organized. Hence, get enough boxes for your kitchen items and other fragile things. You can have color-coded labels on every box.

This will ensure every item is packed in the right box. It will also give you an easy time when loading and unpacking the items. 

Have an inventory list

how to pack pantry items for moving

The other important tip to help you pack your kitchenware and fragile items is to create an inventory list. The list should match every box’s color and number. 

This will help you know the items to pack, the boxes used, and easily identify boxes housing china cups, plates, and other delicate things. 

Get high-quality packing materials

Fragile items need to be packed in quality boxes. This will ensure they are well protected when being moved. Therefore, invest in high-quality packing materials. 

Happily, packing supplies are affordable compared to the cost of replacing your valuable items. So, purchase enough bubble wraps, packing peanuts, packing papers, and quality packing boxes. 

You can also get specialized boxes for packing plates, cups, and delicate kitchenware. They are well made to provide extra protection for your dishes

Stay organized

Even though it is essential to plan well for the move, you need to stay organized throughout the moving process. If you are not organized, your fragile items might be broken when being moved. 

For instance, you need to have a strategy of where the delicate boxes will be placed in the moving truck. In addition, know how they will be protected while being relocated. 

If you have engaged professional movers such as NYC movers, you can be certain your items will be well protected. This is because they have specialized equipment to move all kinds of fragile items. 

But if you plan to pack, load, and unload your belongings all by yourself, you need to ensure you are well organized. In addition, rent or purchase essential moving equipment such as dollies, straps, and other tools for lifting your boxes. It is also good to get moving blankets to ensure a cushioned ride. 

Take care of your items during transport

how to pack utensils for moving

After taking care of your kitchenware and fragile items when packing and loading them into the truck, you need to ensure they are no chaos during transportation. If you do not take care of your belongings during transport, they may not arrive intact in the new home. 

When you have involved professional movers, they are better equipped to handle the transportation of a moving truck. But when you engage friends or relatives, they do not have the skills or tools to protect your fragile items when moving. 

Parking trucks, entering or leaving compounds, or filling gas at the gas station can challenge you or your friends. But with professionals, they have the experience to drive the moving truck around and ensure your belongings are well-protected. 

Final Word

Now you have vital information on how to pack kitchen and fragile items. By following the above tips, you will manage to pack, load, move, unload, and unpack your delicate items. 

However, if you feel it is an uphill task to pack and move your fragile items, the best option is to involve professional movers. Hiring a professional moving company will ensure your valuable items are in good hands. 

Professionals are better equipped, well trained, and experienced to pack and move kitchen and delicate items. In addition, they are insured to make sure you are compensated in case something happens to your valuable things.